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So in English we got a task where we were gonna present something that we know a lot about, so thats why I'm writing an English text here about my blogg.


My blogg

So, I first made a blogg on a web platform called blogspot.com, but after a few months I got blogg.no. I did that because everyone else had it an I heard that it was much better than blogspot. So since then I've had this blogg.

I called the blogg auroraelns because it sounded like Aurora or something like that or  Aurora ELliNgSen.

I mostly blogg about school, friends, trips, fashion, celebrity's, thing's I like and movies I've seen. I also post a lot of pictures, because it makes it so more interesting reading the text when you see some pictures who illustrate what your writing about.

And ca. Once in the month I have a photoshoot with my friends and posts pictures from it.


The blogg environment

Blogg is great but sometimes you can get negative comment's. I haven't got any, but I know that a lot of people have. Like; you think your so pretty and do you think your a model??

One of the probably most famous blogger in Norway is voe. She writes about cheer leading, ice cubes, coffee, dancing, fashion..etc. Other famous blogger's that I like is Ulrikke Lund; who writes about fashion and Ida Wulff; who write about her life in Oslo I think.


How does it work?

On your blogg you can see statistic of how many that has been on your blogg. And you can also change your design on the blogg, like colors, writing type, header and frames around the posts and around the hole blogg.

You can also add friends, and see every time they post a new post on their blogg.



This is from a photoshoot this summer that I had with June (junekh.blogg.no)

Picture inspired by the website : weheartit

80's photoshoot with Christine (christinehelene.blogg.no)



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